5 Types of Cufflinks to gift every man!


Cufflinks are unique men’s accessories that are used to secure the cuffs of their shirts. Cufflinks are a great way to add an extra yet classy look to men’s outfits. The best part of cufflinks is that all ages can wear them and on all occasions. Gifting cufflinks to your man will make him aware of how much you think about their fashion statement and appearance. But not sure about which cufflink to choose? Let us help you. We bring you a complete guide on types of cufflinks and when to wear them. You can also check our cufflinks section for some really cool and unique cufflinks.

·         Toggle Closure Cufflinks : Such cufflinks are ideal for formal occasions. Generally, they are also known as bullet cufflinks because they appear like a bullet on the cuffs.

·         Whale Tail Cufflink : Inspired from the whale tail, such cufflinks are very easy to wear and simple in appearance. Again, an ideal piece for formal occasions. P.S. You can also wear it to wedding functions. 

·         Button like Cufflinks : Also known as fixed/stub like cufflinks. They have no moving parts and appear like a button on the cuff. They are the most durable but less noticeable. Could be styled on events like birthdays, interviews, and dates.