Cosa Nostraa, an Italian term, signifies a clan of people who claim sovereignty over a territory. The ethos of our company is the same, i.e. to mark territory in men’s accessories by offering a range of impeccably crafted accessories.

Established in 2019, our focus is on bringing art to the world, each handcrafted with precision by highly skilled local artisans of Rajasthan. Each piece goes through antique oxidisation and texturing to give them a vintage look. While we hold a lot of pride in our craftsmanship, our unconventional designs remain our USP. Inspired by the world around and within, past and the present - the country’s majestic wildlife, diverse culture, roots and values and architecture act as our muse every day.

From everyday wear to occasion wear, from exquisite cufflinks to contemporary brooches, from vintage buttons to Luxe lapel pins , we have something for every man.

To sum it up.

Redefining the way men accessorise. One step at a time.