British Badge Brooch

Product Code : BH-0435

Exhibiting the beautiful details, this brooch surely strikes differently. The outer coating and creatures are all brass metal which may seem thicker. At the center, there's copper-like tinted metal which enriches an even polished look.
Material : Brass
Product Dimension : 75X85 MM
Weight : 55 gms
Color : Antique Gold
Pack Details : 1 Brooch
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₹6,949.00 ₹5,907.00

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This design is symbolic of the British cap badge. On top, there's the crown, while on both sides, one could see a lion, the envoy of royalty and a horse that showcases determination.


The cap badge used to be the essence of British army personnel. During the war, these metal badges carried not just nationality but emotions, which our artisans wished to bring forward.