Lion Head Cufflinks

Product Code : CF-0077

Our lion head cufflinks are made with great passion and to honour the mighty strength of the king of the jungle. It is a creation to bring out the gentle giant?s persona of silent force. We created these cufflinks to appreciate the man that is instinctive and cares deeply in his heart for the ?pack? - his family
Product Dimensions : 75 MM
Color : Antique Gold
Pack Details : 1 Decor Accessory
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The design was carefully made with intricate patterns and details of the lion's roar. These cufflinks are a metallic piece of accessory that is a dainty amalgamation of handcrafted finesse and unconventional layout. The crown and his mane are included to highlight the personality of the lion and so that the wearer can flaunt it too


It is an accessory that is inspired by spirit animals that signify courage. It pointedly signifies that the might of a lion is the true marker of his presence. It is, therefore, a statement composition to show your inner strength and care for the pack