Regal Rose brooch

Product Code : BH-0390

Made in antique gold, the freshly beautiful Regal Rose becomes a must-have accessory. The intricately embellished diamonds on the selected petals, make the rose shine differently.
Material : Brass
Product Dimension : 55X50 MM
Weight : 48 gms
Color : Antique Gold
Pack Details : 1 Brooch
Delivery : The estimated delivery time will be between 3-5 working days, depending on the delivery address.
₹8,299.00 ₹7,054.00

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The Regal Rose is a grand, fully blossomed brass rose fixated with diamonds. The petals have been curated with an eye for detail. How the structure of the rose unfolds as it blooms is something that catches the attention of all. This brooch depicts the heart-warming vibes that you carry as you make a statement look.


A rose signifies beauty and purity. It depicts the art of love that has the power to change an individual forever for the better and make that person a completely different, kind, and selfless human being. To celebrate this feeling of love, the Regal Rose brooch was exclusively handcrafted for individuals.