Royal bengal tiger brooch

Product Code : BH-0391

The Royal Bengal Tiger brooch is an example of sharp craftsmanship that brings the piece of brass to life with a sparkle. The lightweight accessory is an example of classic artwork that can be worn with a sherwani or a basic jacket.
Material : Brass
Product Dimension : 25X60 MM
Weight : 18 gms
Color : Antique Gold
Pack Details : 1 Brooch
Delivery : The estimated delivery time will be between 3-5 working days, depending on the delivery address.
₹3,549.00 ₹2,662.00

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The Royal Bengal Tiger is a roaring brooch carefully curated with extraordinary precision. Just like the tiger, this brooch brings about your passion and successful vibes vibrantly. The strips of the tiger are carved and the eyes of the tiger reflect ferocity and power.


Tiger is a symbol of strength, fearlessness, and military prowess. In many cultures, tigers are considered to be the mighty vehicles of various deities. They symbolize aggressiveness and bravery. Inspired by their many virtues, the Royal Bengal Tiger brooch was designed to celebrate the might you possess and the difficulties you deal with throughout your life.