Slytherine cufflinks

Product Code : CF-0087

The Slytherin cufflinks are made of amazing quality brass that makes them light in weight and adds exquisite shiny vibes to the desing. It is an amazing occasion element to own. Attest it to basic blazers or silk shirts with abstract print to bring out your best looks.
Product Dimensions : 75 MM
Color : Antique Gold
Pack Details : 1 Decor Accessory
Delivery : The estimated delivery time will be between 3-5 working days, depending on the delivery address.
₹1,849.00 ₹1,757.00

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Slytherin Cufflinks are intricately designed brass cufflinks made with precision. The perfect carving of the scales adds to the beauty of these cufflinks gracefully. The tail of the snake has been precisely shaped and the body of the snake is aligned with the curves so aptly.


Inspired by the magical stories of Harry Potter, the Slytherin cufflinks are curated to depict the creativity of the snake. A snake in many cultures symbolizes wisdom. This brooch is an ode to the wisdom and smartness of a Cosa Nostraa man.