Shining Glory Brooch

Product Code : BH-0455

A remarkable feat is achieved only when there is passion in your heart. The Shining Glory Brooch makes for a magnificent piece of marvel. It is designed by skilled craftsmen and made for those who love celebrating their success. Adorn this wonder with your elegant outfits and surprise the onlookers.
Material : Brass
Product Dimension : 70X100 MM
Weight : 66 gms
Color : Antique Gold
Pack Details : 1 Brooch
Delivery : The estimated delivery time will be between 3-5 working days, depending on the delivery address.
₹9,999.00 ₹8,499.00


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The design of achievement is depicted in this brooch. The elements of heroism and bravery are showcased by the crown. The craftsmanship is unmatched with sheer expertise and precision to curate a masterpiece.


The brooch draws inspiration from the world of domination and royalty. This brooch symbolises achievements and victories with a warrior-like appeal and grit to conquer. It's inspired by the lives of warriors and royalty who strive to achieve their goals with courage and determination.